We’re a team of wonderful humans, and we’re ridiculously good at software development. In that order.

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Tighten Culture

We care deeply about providing our team with a respectful, diverse environment to grow in — as professionals and as human beings.

We don’t have any open positions right now, but if you are interested in Tighten’s culture we hope you’ll consider applying when we do. If you think that you might like to work at Tighten some day, follow us on Twitter to learn about future job postings.

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Constantly Learning

We’re a small but growing company with a desire to do good things alongside our clients, write beautiful code, and solve problems creatively and effectively. We strive to always learn new things and refine our techniques and processes, and we love to think deeply about code, technology, and experience. Each project is an opportunity for us to grow — as a team, as developers, as managers, as people.

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Do Good, Be Good

At Tighten, we place a huge emphasis on people and relationships. We love our work but don’t think it should be "hard" or out of balance with the rest of our lives. We believe that doing things outside of the office that bring us joy makes us better workers and better humans, and we can say with confidence that everyone on our team is a good, honest, and thoughtful person.

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We <3 Remote Work

We believe in cultivating a lighthearted, jovial, and fun work environment. Since our entire team is geographically distributed, we go out of our way to create a positive company culture, whether that’s sharing GIFs in Slack, hosting friendly developer coding battles to settle disputes about which JavaScript framework is superior, or hanging out together every year at Laracon.

Perks and Benefits

Remote Work

Our team is worldwide, but it’s important to us we feel connected. We keep in touch all day via Slack and occasional video chat meetings.

Great Insurance

For our U.S. employees, we provide competitive medical, dental, and vision insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Twenty Percent Time

We bill clients 32 hours / week. The remaining 8 hours is yours to use on learning and giving back to the community via open source and blogging.

401(k) with Employer Match

We want you to be able to get a head start on saving for your future, so we match 100% of the first 3% you contribute, and then 50% of the next 2%.

Work / Life Balance

If you need to put your day on pause for an afternoon nap or to pick up the kids from school, no worries — we'll see you when you get back.

Wellness Stipend

Sitting at the desk all day can be terrible for your physical and mental health, so we provide a wellness stipend to all employees. Treat yourself; we insist.

Generous Time Off

All of our employees receive three weeks of vacation, two weeks of sick time, and paid holidays. In addition, we have generous family and parental leave policies.

Student Loan Assistance

Student loan debt can be a major detriment to a person’s quality of life, so every month, we contribute to our team’s outstanding student loans.

Bi-annual Onsites

Twice per year, we close up shop for a few days and fly everyone somewhere fun to hang (previous destinations have been San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago and Austin).

Workspace Allowance

Whether you want to trick out your home office or get a membership to a co-working space, we’ve got you covered for a healthy, productive work environment.