A Look at the Tighten Crew's Battlestations

Feature image: A Look at the Tighten Crew's Battlestations

Tighten is a 100% remote company, and one of the best parts about working from home is that you're able to set up your office however you'd like. (Tighten also provides a stipend to help its employees set up a healthy and productive workspace.)

Today, we thought we'd give you a peek into the inner sanctums of the Tighten crew. If you have any questions about any equipment you see on our desks, hit us up on our linked Twitter accounts - we love geeking out about our setups!

Notice the rubber ducks on many of our desks? We send every new employee a rubber duck during their first week to help them debug their code.

Caleb Porzio

Battlestation Caleb

Chelsea Ashbrook

Battlestation Chelsea

Dan Sheetz

Battlestation Dan

Daniel Coulbourne

Battlestation Daniel

Daniel made a list you can use to find all of his equipment, from monitor to adapter to floormat: "My Desk"

John Bonaccorsi

Battlestation John

You can find the lights John uses on his desk here, and his softboxes here.

Jose Soto

Battlestation Jose

Keith Damiani

Battlestation Keith

Keith made a list you can use to find all his equipment, from chair to LED lamps to notebook: Office, Keith Damiani

Logan Henson

Battlestation Logan

Marje Nitz

Battlestation Marje

Matt Stauffer

Battlestation Matt

Samantha Geitz

Battlestation Samantha

Shawn Jones

Battlestation Shawn

Think your battlestation setup rivals ours? Tweet us a pic at @TightenCo!

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