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No matter what state your codebase is in, we can upgrade, update, stabilize, or improve it. Our codebase upgrade service extends the useful life of your application, maximizing the value of your software investment.

What we bring to the table

Much of the world runs on legacy software, which is just fine by us. It’s fun to build software from scratch, but we love digging around in existing code and figuring out how to improve it.

We’ve been developing and maintaining PHP applications since long before Laravel v1.0. We’ve audited, upgraded, refactored, rebuilt, and rescued hundreds of applications for organizations of every shape and size.

We stay more than current on the best practices in our areas of expertise, because we’re heavily involved in defining them. So when you bring us in to upgrade your application, you know we’re applying the most up-to-date thinking on your behalf.

How we can help you

If you’re a startup company, we can prep your MVP for scale, solidify your architecture and infrastructure, optimize your app’s performance, or backfill your codebase with automated tests.

If you’re a SME undergoing digital transformation, we can convert your legacy PHP app to modern Laravel + Vue, solidify your APIs and integrations, or optimize your codebase for maximium maintainability.

If you’re a non-profit organization, we can ensure your app stays up to date and running smoothly, build an API to allow constituents to interact with your data, or audit your app for accessibility and compliance.

If you’re a solo SaaS founder, we can update your dependencies, review your code style and architecture, and ensure your app won’t crash and burn when the crowd shows up.

If you’re not the one in charge, but you know the codebase you’re working on could use some attention from an expert third-party, we can help you pitch our service to your boss.

  • Laravel upgrades
  • Tech stack modernization
  • Dependency management
  • Codebase architecture
  • Deployment optimization
  • Performance tuning
  • Automated testing
  • DevOps consulting
We built a functional web app that served us well for many years, but when we hit a certain point of scale I knew it was time to pull in the experts. They modernized our app from front to back and provided key strategic guidance along the way. Tighten has been an essential partner, and I'm with them for the long haul.”
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Brad Batt
CEO, Blue Zebra Sports
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