Countdown to Laracon 2018

Feature image: Countdown to Laracon 2018

Team Tighten is pretty excited for this year’s Laracon! We’re looking forward to welcoming the Laravel development community to Chicago, where our company headquarters and three members of our team are located.

We’ve prepped a few things to welcome you to town - including conference talks, a Laracon Visitor’s Guide, and a fun code challenge.

Conference talks

We’re proud that three of our team members will be presenting their knowledge to conference attendees.

Samantha Geitz will be giving a talk called "Jest Do It!" on Wednesday afternoon to show just how easy frontend testing in your Laravel applications can be.

Thursday morning, Matt Stauffer, Tighten’s technical director, will be sharing "Patterns that Pay Off." Efficient coding practices? Yes, please!

Later on Thursday, Caleb Porzio will cautioning the world against the overhead of frontend-framework-heavy, AJAX-driven apps, and demonstrating some interesting ways you can make Vue and Laravel work together to maximize the benefits of both paradigms.

Laracon Visitors Guide

We’re so excited to welcome folks to our town that we literally made our own visitor’s guide for Laracon! Have questions about public transit? Places to eat? Things to do? You select your general location, and we share some suggestions. Check out It’s our welcome gift to you, to help you love Chicago as much as we do.

Are you up for the challenge?

Last year, we asked Laracon participants to join us in a typing challenge, which was a fun way to engage with our community. This year, we’ve got a little something in mind: Get ready to test your skills and go head-to-head with your fellow developers during the Tighten Laracon Challenge! The fun starts Wednesday morning at

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