Empathetically opinionated, expertly executed development.
A manifesto two decades in the making.
We’ve been in web development since damn near the beginning. Along the way, we’ve formed plenty of strong opinions on how to do things right.
Imagine a super-smart friend who tells you the truth no matter what, without being a jerk. That’s what we’re going for.
Empathetically opinionated;
here’s why that matters.
Quirks about how we work. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We’re all “full-stack”

We don’t have frontend or backend devs. We just have programmers, and damn good ones.

We don’t estimate

We’re great at programming, but we’re not great at guessing how long it will take—nobody is. So we don’t.

Our engagements are

Stacking up features and selling them for a fee doesn’t work. We block out time and give you our absolute best work. Which is all we have to give.

Each of us works on
one project at a time

Context switching kills productivity, so each of our programmers immerses in one project at a time, normally in teams of two.

Fridays are for Twenty Percent Time

We dedicate a day of the week to honing our skills and giving back to our community via open-source and pro-bono projects.

We don’t work overtime

🤷 That’s it.

We’re agile, with a
lowercase “a”

We love the Agile Manifesto, but we don’t always love what Agile has become. We’ll pass on Story Points and Velocity, and stay focused on our work.

We avoid meetings

Meetings are costly, disruptive, tend to beget more meetings, and can often be averted with a thoughtful email or chat message.

We’re remote, but
intentionally synchronous

Our team has been geographically distributed since the beginning, but we show up regularly at the (virtual) office just like an in-person team.

Our contracts are easily breakable

Sometimes a relationship has run its course, so let’s be grownups about it. Our MSA allows for mutual termination, with or without cause.

We love helping onboard
your new hires

Chances are, we won’t be your dev team forever, so right from the start we are thinking about how to transition our work to its next owner.

At your service in three essential partnership roles.
Technical Advising
In preparation for our embedded team to do the best for your business, we'll take stock of your challenges and goals, carefully assess your needs, and custom-tailor a path forward.
Embedded Teams
We're your expert dev team, for however long you need us. If you decide to build an internal team, we'll lay the groundwork for their success and orchestrate a smooth transition.
Sustained Service
When our embedded team's work is complete, our sustained service team is there to offer advice, work through a new feature, keep your app up to date, or squash a difficult bug.
let’s talk.